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The RUBY community is a great place for you to connect with other Christian women, share prayer requests, join some of our groups where you can discover new recipes and crafts, chat about your pets, your kids, your garden, or your favorite Bible verses.

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We would love to hear from you! RUBY magazine is where you can find your voice and tell your story. Visit our submissions page on the RUBY blog for all the details.

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The Magnolia Series by Gloria Doty

Bring a Cowboy Home is the first book in the Magnolia Series by Gloria Doty. A sweet story of finding love at any age, even when you're not even looking. Bring a Cowboy Home is now available from RUBY'S Reading Corner.

RUBY'S Reading Corner

RUBY'S Reading Corner features books by Ruby authors, as well as a wide-variety of inspirational books, family and parenting, holidays, gardening, Christian fiction, marriage and relationship advice, financial advice, and so much more.   

RUBY magazine ~ MAY 2017

The MAY 2017 issue of RUBY magazine celebrates the joys of springtime with a special focus on the women in our lives as we recognize Mother's Day. This issue of RUBY magazine features inspirational articles, short stories, poetry, recipes, and book reviews all designed to be an encouragement to you and your family.


Ruby for Women has been reaching women around the world with words of hope, inspiration, and encouragement since 2010. Our blog and monthly online magazine are free resources for women of all ages, featuring devotionals, short stories, poetry, recipes and crafts, book reviews, puzzles, gardening tips, parenting advice, and children's activities.

We invite you to be part of our growing community of Christian women (and a few men!) who seek to honor God in all areas of life, and especially through our words of blessing for one another. I hope you will join us!

Nina @ RUBY magazine

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You are invited to stop by on THURSDAY afternoons at 3:00 P.M. CDT (4:00 P.M. EST) for our Coffee Break Chat with your friends here in the RUBY community. Just login in here to the community and click on the tab on the menu at the top of the page labeled, "Ruby Chat." That's it! Let's chat about what's coming up this spring. Hope to see you there!


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RUBY community groups
Come on in and be part of the conversation in the RUBY community groups! So many ways for you to connect with other Christian women and share your day with new friends. Come on over the the RUBY community group page and get started today!

Just click on the image above and get started on your new journey to fellowship and friendship.

Featured posts from the RUBY blog
Called on the Carpet
Posted by Beth Brubaker

Called on the Carpet

Ever have one of those moments where truth hits you in the heart so hard you have to cry out 'Ouch!"?

I hate those moments; but I also love them. At least when I have a chance to step back and recover from the 'Ouch' part. 

Our deacon was talking about 'Ears open, Mouth Shut' moments- Times when we had a chance to share God's word, but didn't. I don't know about  you , but just him  mentioning  that made me scrunch down in my seat a...Read More
Heaven Sent Spring Blessings by Sharmelle Olson
Posted by Nina

Heaven Sent Spring Blessings

by Sharmelle Olson

Heaven Sent Spring Blessings in parts of the world

that have the season of Spring this time of year in great depth.

May it become your place in your dream world that twirled,

from Spring Blessings to bringing a new spring in your step.


Heaven Sent Spring Blessings to us for a beautiful Spring

day; that can bring so much to be delightful in many different ways.

Which brings a spring in your step that makes you want to sing

Will...Read More

You are everywhere
Posted by missnicole03
Here You go again being good to me. Here You go letting me wander off again. How can You stand there and watch me leave? How is it possible that You still love me? Where can I go now without You following? Where can this new found freedom teach me? Who am I without You? Who am I trying to be? What else is there left to say? What else is there left to do? When can I leave? When can I be with You? I am a running wild type of girl. I am a flyby night type of girl. I am...Read More
God is Faithful
Posted by missnicole03

You know, I firmly believe that God is God of miracles. I know that and I keep reminding myself of it. The song reminds me that yes, we may go through hard times, but God is still there holding us through it. I haven't given up. I am kind of tired of being sick. It's like the enemy is doing his best to make my situation way worse. Well, I not ever turn my back on the One I need most right now. He sees me. He hears me. I believe this is the very last time I will...Read More

Champion of war
Posted by missnicole03
I may go through the fire I may leave it all behind I may never know my future I may go alone I may never surrender I will share my hopes and desire I will share my heart I will share my secrets I will hold onto You Hope encourages me Faith stirs my soul Love becomes my banner Warrior becomes my name I feel the flames I feel the heat I feel not afraid I feel no defeat I feel stronger than ever I may go through the fire I may go through the flames I may get burnt I may feel the heat, but i...Read More
RUBY magazine in PRINT!
MAY 2017
APRIL 2017

Do you love to read? We've got a great opportunity for you! Some of our authors would love to have you read and review their books - and we'll email you a book in a PDF file for you to read in exchange for posting a review on Amazon. And we would love to include your reviews in upcoming issues of RUBY magazine.

If you would be interested in being one of our RUBY Book Reviewers, email me at and we'll get you all set up with a new book to read and review. If you are an author who would be interested in having your book reviewed just let us know and we'll get you connected.

Finding a Way Ahead! by Angela Harper

Finding a Way Ahead! is a book of devotional reflections drawing from experiences of Angela Harper's own healing from a lifelong condition. The reflections are intended to help others, showing that it is necessary to look at various aspects of ourselves in any search for divine healing and wholeness.

The notes were originally written for a Time for Healing prayer group; a mix of churchgoers and those who came off the street to join in and who needed someone to talk to, pray with them, and listen.

In accessible easy-to-read sections, Angela Harper encourages others to take heart, and to help them find comfort and guidance and coping strategies. Her aim is to give people tools to help turn around their experiences or to see other perspectives.

Angela Harper studied Theology at Spurgeon's College in London and went on to serve in two chaplaincy roles in a hospital and a supermarket. She was dramatically healed from a lifelong health condition some three years ago and now shares her experiences of healing personally and in writing devotional reflections on healing.

Finding a Way Ahead! Spiritual signposts to healing and wholeness is now available from RUBY’S Reading Corner.

NEW from Author Joan Leotta

Rosa's Shell

Rosa loves to collect seashells. It is her favorite thing to do at the beach. During her family's vacation to the seashore, Rosa wakes up early. Even though Papa would rather sleep a bit more, he wakes up too and goes with Rosa to beachcomb for shells. She spots a prime "catch" and Papa shows his love by chasing the shell out into the waves. Does Papa reach the shell in time, or will the wave sweep it away? Read Rosa's Shell to find out!

Rosa's Shell by Joan Leotta

is now available from

RUBY'S Reading Corner

An opportunity to help a friend in need . . .

Help Sheri Diaz as she battles cervical cancer

My name is Sheri Diaz.  I am 46, live in Spring, Texas, and have been working as a Medical Assistant for the past 3 years.  I recently got the shock of my life with the diagnosis of cervical cancer.  I went in for a routine pap smear and the results indicated that something wasn't right.  About two weeks later, I went in and had a biopsy done and all three samples came back as having cancer cells in them.


Featured Groups for MAY 2017:

Angels among Us

Please join us in Ruby's Heavenly Angels to spread some angel loven' along! If you have stories you may tell them here, and just have fun with our Angels!

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God's Word and Music

Join us as we share our favorite Scripture verses, praise songs, and hymns. We would love to hear some of your favorites!

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