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Which Way Are You Facing?
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Which Way Are You Facing?

Epiphanies can hit you at the oddest times. This one happened while I was in church during a sermon.

The pastor was talking about getting closer to God and keeping your eyes on Him, and since I'm a literal thinker, I kept picturing myself nose to nose with the Almighty. Can't get much closer than that, can we? 

But then it hit me; all I had to do was turn around to be the furthest away from God. One simple act with a plethora of consequences! He's right there with you, but you can't see Him- all you have to do to get as close as possible is turn around.


How many times have I walked around looking for God, only to never see Him? How many times did I turn my eyes away from Him to see some shiny sin-filled bauble dangling in my peripheral vision? And how many times did I refuse to turn around because the bauble seems like the right thing to focus on or (let's be honest here), I didn't want to focus on anything else that might tear me away from the sparkle?

I can tell you this- every time I turned my eyes from God I got into trouble. Every. Single. Time. So why do I still do it? Because baubles are shiny and we humans like shiny things. It's so much easier for us to stare at a glittering object than focus on our work- just ask any school student or desk jockey. Shiny catches the eye and seems more interesting!

Just look up a series of YouTube videos called 'The Most Satisfying' and you'll know exactly what I mean. I could stare for hours at that stuff. 

I'm so glad God is patient and is willing to stick with us, waiting until we turn around to see Him. It's almost like He wants to yell 'Surprise! I've been here the whole time! Aren't you glad to see Me?" 

We are both the closest to God and the furthest from God, depending on which way we're facing. So the big question is...which way are you facing?
The Gift of Love
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Isaiah 62:10 (Amplified)

Go through, go through the gates,
Clear the way for the people;
Build up, build up the highway,
Remove the stones, lift up a banner over the peoples.


The Gift of Love

by Vallerie Sharmain Smit


Love endures everything...

Love makes a way, it builds a bridge and leads to a new day.

Love empties itself and looks to the Savior to be filled.

Love follows the example of Christ, Who shows us the way.


Who will travel the broken road?

Who will grab hold of faith?

Who will set up the standard and raise the banner?

Who will build the Highway and remove the stones?

Travel the Highways of Heaven and say that to love like Christ is the only way!

This is the uplifted road where the keynotes are so high.

The notes are so pure and true, it has the power to heal and restore.


If you have seen and felt the devastation of ignoring the signposts of 1 Corinthians 13...

Where lives have been shattered and the alabaster jars have been broken and joy is no more...

You will value life in others and you will value the Gift of Love.

You will know for sure, this is the greatest of them all.


Without love we are just a noisy gong.


If you are heartbroken who will heal and make you new?

Who will mend the pieces, but Christ's Love alone!

His banner over you is Love...

His Love will change you from the inside out.


He will show you the wastelands, the dry patches of your soul,

there might be a root of resentment in the cracks,

a weed of unforgiveness growing in the shade.

Feet might have trampled over your heart,

leaving you empty and hard.

May be a wall or two that you have built, to protect yourself from harm, but now it leaves you isolated and cold.

Places where your soul has died and you do not know if you will live again.

Our Savior will pull the roots and weeds out and

His Truth will push the walls to the ground.

Come forth! He will give you life!


He will never leave nor forsake you in your need.

He will not condemn, but tenderly He will take you out and loosen the snares.

He will lead you out to green pastures, and you will know that He cares!


Nothing can ever separate you from the Love of God!

We know the Power of His Love and Faithfulness, it endures forever...

The Lord will make the impossible, possible again and you will be completely whole again.

Instead of dry wastelands there will be streams of life.

Love and joy will be your song, trust in the Lord your safe refuge.


May God restore, revive and lift you up.

May you soar like an eagle close to God.

May the alabaster jar be whole again and pour out sweet fragrances of praises unto our Savior and Lord.

Through costly experience we know the value of love.

It is priceless!

In others and in ourselves.

The greatest gem above all of them, is Christ's love for us and in us!

You and I are the alabaster jar..

Come, and pour out your life as a drink offering unto Him.


Who will love Him most, the one that has been forgiven the most.

Come, pour out the sweet fragrances of a broken and contrite spirit and heart.

Come, you and I are the alabaster jar and the Lord is Worthy of our love.


Who will the Lord use, but the one that knows the road...


There are many waiting in dry places, out there in the wilderness,

waiting for just one touch of the Lord's Love.

Go forth...


(Written on 30/4/2014 under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit based on visions, dreams, utterances and songs I have heard in the Spirit)


Being Crickety
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Being Crickety

It's not easy losing some of your mobility- even if it's only temporary. At least Ihope it's temporary! But with every trial there's a life lesson- sometimes more than one. I've learned to laugh about my creakiness, and I want to share a few things that creaky life has taught me.

One lesson about creakiness is similar to child-rearing; what used to take me five minutes now takes me at least fifteen.  Alas, the pendulum has started swinging the other direction. My kids are now helping me to get over obstacles instead of the other way around!

I've also noticed a change in my decision-making skills because of my temporary lack of mobility. 

Stores are no longer chosen by their sales flyers, but by how many benches they have available throughout the store.

Big stores must have motorized carts. At first I was daunted by using them, but now it's a lot of fun- especially when I can cruise around the store announcing 'Watch the tram car please!' (anyone who has been down on the shore boardwalk knows what I'm talking about!)

Little stores must have chairs or wheelchair carts.

Weight loss is no longer about attractiveness or fashions, but about increasing functionality.

Dinners have become more simple, usually involving the crockpot. Stove-top cooking has become a rare beast, unless it's a recipe for 'make in one pan and simmer'. Casseroles are also in the mix, as long as I can cut the veggies and meat sitting down at the kitchen table.

Not only do I check bathroom stalls for toilet paper, but now I'm looking for that helpful little ballerina bar bolted to the wall just in case the toilet sits too low. Like I wasn't already anxious enough by public restrooms. Sheesh.

Swimming isn't for play anymore- it's for exercise.

Exercise DVDs used to be no good because I never used them. Now they're no good because I can't use them.

I can't catch the kids doing something sneaky anymore because the knee pops betray my former ninja stealth. (and the kids love catching me trying to sneak up on them!)

The cats always know I'm home before I even take out the house keys due to cane thumping and knee popping.

When I go for a walk, kids keep running up to me asking if I have bubble wrap. 

No one likes being crickety, but I'm going to make the best of it until it either goes away (read: get rid of it), or I find better ways to deal with it. In the meantime, I'll be snap, crackle, and popping my way around stores and the house, doing what God tells me to do- and if you hear the sound of Rice Krispies, take a look around- I might just be behind you!
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Our lives start as a small stream, and then over the years that stream slowly grows as it merges with new tributaries finally becoming  an ever flowing river. So it is when we look back over our lives to where we originally started. What has made us, broken us or contributed to our personality, and where are all these paths leading? In trust, we follow, as God guides us through what often feels like a maze (even though that maze may be painful, and we do not want to walk along it). We may have some understanding of our lives; but may not be sure how everything we have encountered makes sense. It is as though the different tributaries of our lives are meeting to form a bigger picture of our vocation. Divine guidance is always leading, even when we feel our lives are lacking, or empty in some way; much unseen work is always happening.

Often the most painful times of our lives are those when we question "Why God, have you allowed this situation to happen when I trusted you?" Sometimes our continuing situations last almost life long, and are then brought into resolution. At other times, we can see how an unbearable situation is suddenly taken away.

What is God weaving in your life through the pain, the joy, your circumstances or your pattern of achievements? Where is this all leading? Everything we encounter seems to be woven into a larger tapestry, and this helps us into our vocation (even though others may not understand it).

Keep going with your vocation and what you believe is right for you. Sometimes it seems our vocations start with a test, and this can be uncomfortable. Sometimes our vocations are not obvious, but they are there within us and we cannot compare ourselves with others. You might already be fulfilling your vocation and, are so used to it, that you may not have recognised it as such. We all have different gifts, and personalities. You may even have taught yourself new abilities and these can fit with your life's purpose. Everybody has a uniqueness and something to celebrate; we all have a contribution to make. Sometimes out of one vocation come others and these can have many surprises. Looking at the tributaries of your life, how has everything contributed to making you the person you are? Where do you think you are being led? Whatever your vocation is, don't be put off, be you!

On Tuesday the 6th June, I was on the Maria Rodrigues 'Woman to Woman' show, on Premier Christian Radio in London, England, talking about my life experience and  I hope that the pattern of my life will encourage you. Here is a link to the show, if you wish to listen to it. Please scroll down a couple of screens to my interview on 06.06.2017. (By kind permission of Premier Christian Radio).

Angela Harper

Author, Finding a Way Ahead!

How God Grows Us
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How God Grows Us

Ever feel that if just one more thing went wrong, you'd go stark raving bonkers?

Me neither...not

I'd been feeling overwhelmed lately and asked my buddies on Facebook for some encouragement. I wasn't disappointed. In fact, I got a private message from a Christian friend, asking what it was I needed encouragement for, so she could pray for me. It's friends like these I wish lived closer to home.

I told her my troubles and how I felt. She told me feelings are fleeting and temporary things, and God is using these troubles to grow me as a Christian. Before I could stop myself, I blurted,
'Egad woman- I know He's trying to grow me, but does He have to add so much manure?!?'

And she laughed

Her laugh made me feel a little better. And after talking and praying with her. the bad feelings did The black cloud wasn't entirely removed, but at least I could see the silver lining. 

When I'm in one of those 'one-straw-before-the-back-broken-camel' moments, I used to hide myself away from people and sulk, wallowing in misery until I pulled myself out of the muck of my emotional tar-pit. Now I force myself to talk with others and ask for help, as hard as that is. I try not to complain to the world (though that sometimes happens), but instead find a friend on the phone or online that is willing to hear my troubles. 
Though the issues and that overwhelming feeling don't always go away completely, talking them out with a friend makes me feel like I can handle things once more. Their prayers and willingness to listen infuse me with God's strength to move forward. What a blessing that is!

God piles on the manure on occasion, but He also provides a means to gain strength through Him- He wants us to talk to fellow Christians to gain perspective, gain composure, and maybe even laugh a little in the process. He never meant us to go it alone in our own strength. As my friend encouraged me, I'd like to encourage you if you're in the same proverbial manure pile.

Don't hide yourself from others. Find a Christian friend and talk to them. 
Look for friends that don't just agree with you, but are also willing to be honest when they don't and tell you in a gentle way.
Know that in all things, God has a plan and this is a temporary feeling. It willpass.
Pray and talk to God and ask for strength, endurance, and to send Encouragers. 

And when the trial is over and you've done a little growing, be an Encourager to someone else. You never know what kind of hidden blessings He has in store for you!
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When I turned Forty I read the poem “When I’m an Old Woman” and it struck a chord within me. I wanted to be that woman – wear a red hat, a purple dress, and shoes that don’t match. Spit on the road, run my walking stick along the chain linked fence and generally be a Senior Delinquent (within the law, of course)!

Another thing that really touched the depts of my soul was the song "I hope you Dance." I hadn't danced yet! Growing up, dancing was a sin (if you can believe that!) and how I wished I had been born into a family that allowed danceing! Now I dance - Dance for Parkinson's sometimes in a chair, sometimes on my feet. I feel like a ballerina until I look in that big miror that spreads across the room and see the awkward ungraceful  movement of my body,  but I dance!

Well, I am fast approaching that well-seasoned time of life. Things that were so important to me that I felt I must do, just aren’t that important to me anymore.These days there is much talk about the “Bucket List.” A list of things you want to do before you die. My bucket list is dwindling. I think about heaven a lot and how much time has passed. I value spending time wiht family and friends.





My altar
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I want to express myself in a way that I can get the point across without sounding harsh or careless. I have a new found respect for myself at this point. I have ran through this valley and passed all the main attractions. I missed the signs and wonders that were brought to my attention. I had no idea they were there until I missed the opportunity to go back and see them. I wandered this desert alone. I found myself in the valley of desperation. I thought it was torture, but it was sort of healing in a way. I thought it was sad and lonely, but it wasn't that at all. I found it to be freeing and encouraging to my soul. I found it to be exactly what I needed. I may have hated it at times, but that's life, right? I have come through this valley and I look back and feel such a strong sense of freedom in what I have found to be tried and true. My faith was made stronger. My soul found the rest it needed. My body is no longer restless. My mind is where I need it be! My hope is renewed. This valley wasn't the death of me, but the strength of me. It made me understand that letting go is part of the process. I wasn't going to stop it because it got hard. I wasn't going to give up because I couldn't take the pain. I knew it would be lonely. I knew that I would hate the process, but I made it! The valley was lonely and cold. I had darkness following my every step. I had fear looming over my head. I had doubt tripping me every move I made. I had unforeseen amounts of anxiety washing over me. It wasn't afraid and I think well, I know it bothered the enemy. I wasn't going to give in to his demands. I knew that if kept dwelling with it. It would eventually consume me. I had to push past my own fears in order to break free. I was in the way. I stopped myself from moving forward. I blocked my own blessings because I was afraid of the what ifs. I knew I had to keep going. I didn't like it. I, in fact hated it. I hated every moment of it. I felt alone. I felt sick. I felt worried that I wasn't good enough or strong enough to fight it. Man, was I so wrong! I found out what I was made of in the process and let me tell you this, the struggle was and still is real. God didn't abandon me. God didn't leave me nor did He forsake me in my time of need. God was there and He was watching over me. He was there every step of the way. He was the blanket that kept me warm in the coldest parts of the valley. He was the light I needed at night. He provided me with an incredible view of the sky. The stars danced with joy all across the night sky. I knew I was in for a real treat as they twinkled in the sky above me. I enjoyed the wind that cooled me off. I enjoyed the fountain of water at the base of the mountain. I found a new sense of purpose. I had more joy. I had more peace than ever before and I had faith that was stronger than ever. I am no longer in the valley. I have made it out. I am now at the base of this mighty mountain. I look up as I see the rocks as I brace myself for the trip upward. I know that I have the tools to keep me from getting hurt. I have firmly planted my gear into the mountain side as I say a prayer before I make the trek up this mountain. I will trust the Lord. I know this will be harder. I know this will hurt. I know that I may free fall to my death, but God provides a way. God will protect me every step of the way. I will have a longer process. I will have it harder and for that I am okay with because I trust this process. I want to grow. I want to be better, faster, and stronger than ever. I know this mountain will shape my future. I know this mountain will show me what I am made of unlike the desert, and the valley. I have to face my fears of heights. I am not going to fail. I know that with You on my side I will make it to the top of this mountain. When I am at the top I will make my altar . I will make it a place of remembrance. I will make it a place of beauty. I will make it a place of peace and understanding. I will make it a place of strength. I will make it a place of freedom for I know the Lord my God will be pleased with me. I will call this place chuphshah.
Three Tweets and a Hoot!
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Three Tweets and a Hoot

My husband and I are morning people. We're up right before the sun rises, and we're in bed by the time the sun sets. So we figured when we had kids, they would follow in our early morning footsteps.

Well, one did. The other one? Not so much.

In the beginning he had to get up with us- at least when he started sleeping through the night. But once he became a teenager, things started to change. Especially now that he's graduating high school. 

Tweet, tweet, tweet...hoot.

There was an old cartoon of an owl family who had three eggs ready to hatch. They were classical birds in this case, and when the owlets hatched, two sang in perfect classical tones- but the third? He was all jazz. Oh yes, people, we classical birds are now living in the jazz era. Our son can't seem to rise before ten o'clock on the weekends, and that's when we wake him. Once we let him sleep in and he wasn't down the stairs before two o'clock in the afternoon. Yikes!

For you other night owls out there, two o'clock is when the morning birds' energy starts to wane. By the time he's in high energy mode, we're ready for a nap. This makes for some interesting family adventures.

Not to mention a challenge every school day. For twelve years. Ugh.

My daughter is the exact opposite- she's up before my husband and I are, and usually has her chores done before we're out of bed. This is a child born to love the early life of a rancher or farmer, and her love of horses is sending her right in that direction. She lives to be up at the crack of dark, and if she does work at a ranch, she'll fit right in. By the time we get up for a family trip (usually around six a.m.), she has breakfast made so we can all eat and move, move, move.

That's if we can get Hooty out of bed. 
Even the smell of freshly made breakfast won't stir him out of slumber at six in the morning! We wind up waking him up at least three times before dragging him out of bed (sometimes literally!) to get dressed so we can go. Nine times out of ten he's sleeping in the car on the way to our destination, while the three of us are chattering away with excitement.

Lunchtime is about when the energy levels equal out, and we can all get along for about an hour or so. My son will start to interact with us, and we morning birds still have the energy to belt out road trip songs as we go on our merry way. By the afternoon we're dragging while he wants to explore. By night time he's excited and full of energy and the rest of us are travelling zombies. 

Our not-so-little owl will be flying off to college this fall, and I can't help but wonder if he'll survive the morning classes. I also wonder how the family dynamic will change when there's three morning birds left in the nest. I suspect a lot less drama and earlier starting times in the future!

It's not easy for morning birds to raise an owl (and I suspect the opposite is also true of owlish parents raising a morning bird), but I think we did a pretty good job.

After all, if he can survive us, he can survive anything!
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John 15:4 (KJV)
Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me.


by Vallerie Sharmain Smit

When our busyness fades and everything is quiet.

It is our walk with God that remains.

Abide in Him

Without Him our soul is restless and our concerns many.

Abide in Him

Draw closer to Him and dwell in Him.

He will lift you up and make you stand on the Mountain top.

His Glory He will reveal to you and you will know Him more and more.

Beautiful things He will teach you.

It will be your treasures in this life.

Abide in Him

He will strengthen you to withstand every season ahead.

Even the darkest night will not gloom your heart.

Abide in Him

He will make you stable and firm

With no one to pull your strings.

Your heart and mind will be set on Him.

Abide in Him

Let the branch stay in the vine

to bear fruit and to draw from the Source

apart from Him we can do nothing.

Abiding is a everyday thing.

Abide in Him...

Dwell in Him...

Stay in Him...

Your soul will be nourished and filled to the brim.

From the Lord we drink and from Him we give to those around us.

Be filled...

Let nothing separate you from the Vine.

Jesus Christ is the very essence of Life.



23 April 2014


a Word study on the meaning of “abide”

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Abide: Transitive verb

  1. to bear patiently : tolerate

    to endure without yielding : withstand

  2. to wait for :await

  3. to accept without objection

Abide: Intransitive verb

  1. to remain stable or fixed in a state

  2. to continue in a place

Greek and Hebrew

If we look at abide in the original Greek and Hebrew we find five different words for this one word -abide- in English. They all stem from the verb meno (strongs #3306)

I love this, because it gives more colour, depht and adds to my understanding of what “abide” really means.

Epimeno: it comes from a verb meno which means intensive, it indicates perseverance in continuing to do something.

Katameno: a verb that means constant residence or frequent resort.

Parameno: means to continue and is sometimes used to express confidence in abiding with a person.

Hupomeno which means to remain in a place instead of leaving it; to stay behind or persevere.

Prosmeno indicates a persistent loyalty or continuance in doing something.



Abide is.....a verb.....definitely a doing from our side, a choice we make to persevere and stay with the Lord and to withstand anything that wants to disrupt or take us away from His sweet companionship. The Lord loves us, He wants to nurture us and keep us from the things that will bring us harm. He wants us to stay with Him, trust and believe Him, especially in times when His Word gets persecuted in our lives. Abide and don't lose hope or faith...

Song: Table of Grace

One of my favourite songs, because God does not exclude. He is an “inclusive” God. We all count to God. You and I...our place is always ready....enjoy the Sabbath...

Table of Grace sung by – Phillips, Craig and Dean

The Parable of the Mustard Seed
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MARK 4: 30 -33

Have you ever felt as though you are in a struggle? Maybe you have prayed about long term burdens that just seem to carry on, while other things you have prayed for are resolved and sorted out in unusual ways.

It's hard being stuck with situations that seem rock like, and daily it is like carrying a heavy backpack despite trying to free ourselves and fly like a bird. Sometimes there is a feeling of being trapped. Maybe it feels like being stuck in a small box where the lid has been closed on you?  If you feel like this, then possibly you are going through a time of captivity. This is when people experience life events which are complex and difficult to understand; they feel isolated and alone and believe they are trapped in a place where there are no easy answers. Experiences such as abandonment in some form, illness, unwanted memories, or dealing with extremely difficult long term situations, can seem quite unsolvable. These hard times are asking to be "unpacked"  to help understand that what we go through may be a training ground for our vocation in life, even though it is costly. It doesn't mean that what people have gone through is OK, or alright, but using what we have learnt can lead to fulfilment of our life purpose.  'A time of captivity', often means a person has had to continually learn new abilities in order to survive and manage the hard times.  Coping in the hard times teaches self reliance, but it is painful. Sometimes our experiences can feel isolating, maybe they are hard to explain, and you don't know quite where to start.

If we can liken this experience to a seed, let's think of a mustard seed or a tree. For a time that seed is captive in the soil. It is dormant, the seed yearns to grow but is facing a time of turmoil, and feels stuck, and there is no need to blame self if you feel like that. But then comes a new season, one of new growth, where slowly the seed starts to grow out of the disempowerment of past circumstances to a new confidence and trust in self. The time of facing adversity when in captivity has made it strong enough to overcome with the abilities it has forged in the darker times of life. First one shoot appears and then the next, and then with encouragement the seed has grown so much in capacity that it is soon able to soar into a beautiful shrub or a tree. The problems it has faced now rest in the branches as trials which have either hurt or destroyed, but they can no longer uproot it. New starts can happen out of the hard times we encounter, and maybe it is time to be proud that you have come through those. Often, it seems as though some sort of time limit has been put around our trials, and gradually we can see that those heavy situations start to be eased and explained through God's promises to rescue. Often after a struggle, comes a time to flourish, a time to trust again, and a time of new opportunities to help heal the past. A time where adversity is overcome, and you have triumphed; trust it and believe it, and hold on!

Angela Harper

Author, Finding a Way Ahead! My book seeks to help people who are facing hard times in life, looking at how we can unpack, understand, and try to change our perspectives from disempowerment to a new confidence, despite what may be happening in our present circumstances. My aim is to help people feel safe and to take heart.


Called on the Carpet
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Called on the Carpet

Ever have one of those moments where truth hits you in the heart so hard you have to cry out 'Ouch!"?

I hate those moments; but I also love them. At least when I have a chance to step back and recover from the 'Ouch' part. 

Our deacon was talking about 'Ears open, Mouth Shut' moments- Times when we had a chance to share God's word, but didn't. I don't know about you, but just him mentioning that made me scrunch down in my seat a little bit.

He wasn't talking about us having open ears, but the uninformed masses that don't know God who are ready to hear about Him. They might be ready to hear, but fear freezes the words on our lips and we say nothing, losing a great opportunity to help them get to know God.

The deacon asked 'How many times have we had someone come up to us to teach us about Jesus? In a week? In a month?  In a year? 
Well, that was easy- no one. Not one person ever came up to me and asked me if I knew God or Jesus. Not for a few years, no less just one.

But his next few questions really hit home.

How many times have you talked to anyone about Jesus? In a week? In a month? In a year?


Scrunch, scrunch, scrunch.

Romans 10 talks all about it. Not only to hear and proclaim the Word of God, but to spread the Word to others who are willing to hear, like in verse 17- Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ. 

Can't really do that if my lips are frozen shut...can I? Yikes!

Many times I felt called to say something to someone and I kept my yap shut. Oh sure, talk about writing, fabric crafts, or movies and I'm a talkaholic, but talk about God? Pass the superglue please!

It also didn't help that the deacon speaking was my husband

There was no way i could scrunch down further in my seat without hurting myself. And when I looked around, I noticed a lot of others scrunching down too. So it wasn't just me after all.

God created us to glorify Him- That's our one and only job on this planet. And as my eyes scanned the room, there was a whole churchfull of people who weren't doing their jobs- me included.

Double ouch!

Don't get me wrong- I'm in a good church, with good, spiritually driven people. We work together getting the church fixed up (we're renovating when we can), and we also adopted a day care center and donate food to them and the surrounding neighborhood on a regular basis. I run the bread ministry, as a matter of fact! 
But something important got lost in all of that giving. We're feeding people without teaching them how to feed themselves via the scriptures- and I think a lot of churches (and church people) are making the same mistakes. 

If you feed them, they will come...but only until the food runs out. People need to develop a taste for learning more about God before they come back week after week. We need to feed their ears as well as their mouths.

God called me on the carpet that morning. I'm more aware now of His call to action, and less fearful of obeying it. With God beside me, who can be against me? And if He's giving me the words to say, they'll be the right ones- as long as I keep that superglue in my purse where it belongs!
You are everywhere
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Here You go again being good to me.
Here You go letting me wander off again.
How can You stand there and watch me leave?
How is it possible that You still love me?
Where can I go now without You following?
Where can this new found freedom teach me?
Who am I without You?
Who am I trying to be?
What else is there left to say?
What else is there left to do?
When can I leave?
When can I be with You?

I am a running wild type of girl.
I am a flyby night type of girl.
I am a sarcastic type of girl.
I am a realist type of girl.
I am a girl who knows who she is on the inside

I give You my heart
I give You my soul
I give You my life

Find me in the hidden places of this valley.
Find me and I am Yours for an eternity.
Find me and hold onto me.
Find me and love me.

You are here
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You are near
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You are everywhere
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"Good morning Vallerie - this is such a heartfelt, inspired poem of God's..."
In: The Gift of Love
by: Nina
"Thank you both so much! :)"
In: How God Grows Us
by: Beth Brubaker
"Great post, Beth. It seems the art of listening has been..."
In: How God Grows Us
by: Shara Bueler-Repka
"Oh I can so identify! Two years ago I was in a deep..."
In: How God Grows Us
by: Vera
"Thank you, for posting this Emmanuel. It is so true. I love this..."
In: Life
by: Vallerie Sharmain
"Dear Vallerie - such a beautiful poem and so inspiring! Thank you for..."
In: Abide
by: Nina
"Angela - thank you so much for sharing such encouraging words with us!..."
In: The Parable of the Mustard Seed
by: Nina
"I hope you do not mind me adding an image to your Blog...."
In: God is Faithful
by: Sharmelle Olson
"I hope you do not mind but I added an Image to your..."
In: Even God Rested!
by: Sharmelle Olson
"I hope you do not mind I added an image to you blog...."
In: Happy Mother's Day
by: Sharmelle Olson
"I'll keep you in my Thoughts and Prayers, Miss Nicole."
In: Can God do the impossible?
by: Sharmelle Olson
"Angela, I love your blog; it is very interesting! I hope you..."
In: The Gift
by: Sharmelle Olson
"Thank you, Miss Nicole! How sweet of a message! And Happy Mother's..."
In: Happy Mother's Day
by: Sharmelle Olson
"Thank you, Nina. Blessings to you!"
In: Open the Windows
by: Vallerie Sharmain
"Thank you, Nina, your words are gracious! Vallerie"
In: The Gift of Writing
by: Vallerie Sharmain
"Dear Jennifer - I am so glad you decided to join us here..."
In: Amassing the Kingdom Not the Pockets
by: Nina
"Dear Vallerie - this is so encouraging and uplifting . . . to..."
In: The Gift of Writing
by: Nina
"Thank you for sharing this post with us Vallerie - your poetry is..."
In: Open the Windows
by: Nina
"Dear Nicole, I was about to log off when I notice your..."
In: Can God do the impossible?
by: Vallerie Sharmain
""Oneness is not about conforming.Oneness is about transforming." What a quote!"
In: Living Our Days
by: Kristi Bridges
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