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As the senior editor of the RUBY magazine, my interests include free-lance writing and editing, as well as connecting with other women who have a story tell . . . which is all of YOU! I am also a fiber artist, creating refashioned garments, shoes and accessories for women and children. I have two Etsy shops, Tatters to Treasures, and mamas*little*treasures. I am currently updating my personal blog at

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Jun 13th

Hello!! How are you? I hope you doing well. I haven't been on much and I know I haven't submitted anything in awhile, but I have something that I've been working on for awhile and I will submit when it's finished. I am thankful God let me to you. I love that I can post on this online community and be apart of this wonderful group of women. I think I was drawn to this because ruby is my birthstone. I hope you are enjoying the day. I am thankful for the friendships I have gained from this site. 

Have a beautiful day,

Nicole :) 

May 27th

We are celebrating Caryl's Belated Birthday here.

We are celebrating Judith's Belated Birthday here.

We are celebrating SallyAnn's Belated Birthday here.

We are celebrating Suzane's Belated Birthday here.

We are celebrating Taris's Belated Birthday here.

May 26th

Thanks Vallerie! I will include one of your poems in the JUNE issue of RUBY magazine . . . can you please email me at with a brief bio for our writers' page, and then I will use the phot you have here in the community. So glad you are part of our little community! 

May 26th

Thank you, dearest Nina, for your kind words. It will be a privilege to have some of my poetry featured in the next issue of the Ruby Magazine. You are free to choose your favourite!

May you have a lovely weekend too!

Love & Blessings


May 26th

We are celebrating Yvonne's Belated Birthday here.

 We are celebrating Kathy's Belated Birthday here.

May 25th

Good Afternoon, Nina! Thank you for the birthday wishes!

I LOVE working with you here in the RUBY Community! It's my pleasure for making RUBY Community a friendly place for all our members. I love doing what I do here!

I have had a pretty good day Tuesday... I went to my appointment today and found out I may not have COPD after all. So they are going to redo some testing for it to see if I actually have it or not soon.

I am a little upset though because if I was diagnosed with it in 2007 I should have been tested once a year after my diagnosis. Well the NP I had back then did not have that done for me. So I am glad I have a new NP right now that knows what she is doing so far.

When I returned home after my appointment some neighbors came over and we visited for a while. My Robert is made my Brownies instead of my Strawberry Brownie Torte Last night since he did not have the time to do it for my Birthday last night. He is also make a Strawberry Cheese Cake Yesterday.

God's Blessings, Sharmelle

May 23rd



May 23rd

Hi Nina,

Just wanted to touch base with you so you know that I am still around.  I have also been busy with things so I understand completely.  Have a great day and talk to you soon.


May 22nd

Please come to RUBY Prayer Requests and let's get together and pray for the Manchester 'Terrorist Incident'... Where the British police say 19 dead, 50 injured in Manchester 'terrorist incident'.

May 16th

God morning my friend,

Lets open a window this beautiful morning and let God in while we go along with our busy day today. Let Him bring in the Happiness, Comfort, and Grace into your home today. Lets make this an event every day with God so that if help is needed He is there and if you need more time with Him He is still there with you. God will always be with you no matter what, lets just thank him for this day and every day to come.

God's Blessings, Sharmelle

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