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As the senior editor of the RUBY magazine, my interests include free-lance writing and editing, as well as connecting with other women who have a story tell . . . which is all of YOU! I am also a fiber artist, creating refashioned garments, shoes and accessories for women and children. I have two Etsy shops, Tatters to Treasures, and mamas*little*treasures. I am currently updating my personal blog at

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Classical and Christian

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Come on over to Vintage Mama's Cottage to see what I've been up to lately - lots of fun projects and a bit of creative inspiration for you and your family
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May 6th 2017

Good morning RUBY friends - I'm off for an adventure today, but will be back later to see how you are all doing. Don't forget to let me know how I can pray for you! Looking forward to connecting with you next week!

May 2nd 2017
Awesome! Thank you! I am so glad to be apart of this loving community. I enjoy being here. I haven't figured out how to reply yet, but I am working on it. Hope you have a beautiful day:)
Apr 14th 2017

Apr 4th 2017





Mar 3rd 2017

Hi, Nina!  Thanks for the heads up about the March issue of Ruby Magazine.  Just wanted to let you know that I'll be sharing the magazine on my blog tomorrow.  I just followed Ruby on Twitter (and FB), so you'll see notifications there.  Happy weekend to you!

Feb 22nd 2017
Hi! I'm still trying to figure this out. I finished up my third book today. And I am so excited!! Once I figure everything out and upload it to Amazon then I am done. I already have my ISBN number and my cover done. I am thankful to be apart of this group. Thank you for letting me write for your magazine. It means a lot.
Feb 14th 2017

Feb 14th 2017

Happy Valentine's Day! 

Feb 7th 2017

Beautiful February day to you.  We had a breathtaking snow shower this morning that warmed my heart and  did put a smile on my face plus  produced  the twinkling of eyes.

Happy Valentines Month to you.  Enjoy counting all  your blessings and your moments of life. Smiles  Gloria

Jan 13th 2017

A glorious  day to you.  May you have a  pleasant weekend sharing your smile to whom all you meet. 

May your moments be kind to you as you count all your many blessings the Lord gives  to us each  and everyone of  us during our moments of life. Smiles and prayers  Gloria

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