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About Me
Writing; riding horses; singing; encouraging others

Favorite Music
Christian Country; Classic Rock

Favorite Movies
Secretariat; Blind Side

Favorite Books
The Chronicles of Narnia

General About Me
Shara Bueler-Repka is enjoying life as a singer/songwriter/recording artist, freelance writer, and award-winning author. She and her husband, Bruce, live in their living quarters horse trailer and call “home” wherever their rig is parked. Their mail-base, however, is Hallettsville, Texas. She also loves riding/ministering with her husband and their horses (aka The Boys) in the backcountry and writing about God’s grace in the various adventures on the trail less-traveled. Join the fun and be encouraged on their website: and her blog:, or come for a visit on Facebook.

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Apr 4th 2017





Feb 13th 2017

Feb 7th 2017

Beautiful February day to you.  We had a breathtaking snow shower this morning that warmed my heart and  did put a smile on my face plus  produced  the twinkling of eyes.

Happy Valentines Month to you.  Enjoy counting all  your blessings and your moments of life. Smiles  Gloria

Feb 6th 2017

Welcome to the new Ruby for Women! I am so happy you decided to join us here! Again there are Several Groups that you may join at anytime you are interested in doing so.

Also please check out the Ruby Blogs here at Ruby for Women Community.

Also if you need to learn how to use this community to I have a Discussion called How to Use This Community Group ~ How Toos. Things are very different here and I would be happy to help you out more if needed ok.

If there is ever anything you need help with please feel free to ask.

And feel free to check out the rest of Ruby Community.

God's Blessings, Sharmelle

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