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Cooking, baking, recipes, creating new recipes, selling our products, friends, family, church, hubby, buying and selling antiques, writing

Favorite Music
Christian praise, bluegrass hymns, folk music, old hymns

Favorite Movies
All time fav is Passion of the Christ

Favorite Books
Have written 12 cookbooks, so any one of them is my favorite book! :)

Favorite Quotations
If you don't like the way the cookie crumbles - try the Bread of Life!

General About Me
I've been through the wringer and made it through, so can you!

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Apr 4th





Feb 14th

Feb 7th

Beautiful February day to you.  We had a breathtaking snow shower this morning that warmed my heart and  did put a smile on my face plus  produced  the twinkling of eyes.

Happy Valentines Month to you.  Enjoy counting all  your blessings and your moments of life. Smiles  Gloria

Dec 22nd

Please come join me for todays Meet & Greet Chat @ 3:00 pm CDT.

God's Blessings, Sharmelle

Dec 8th

Please come join me on Thursdays for a Meet & Greet Chat @ 3:00 pm CDT.

God's Blessings, Sharmelle

Dec 1st

Please come join me on Thursdays for a Meet & Greet Chat @ 3:00 pm CDT.

I have a class tomorrow from 1:00 to 2:30 pm CST so I will try my best to be here before 3 pm CST for chat. If I run late please go ahead without me and I will show up as fast as I can ok.

God's Blessings, Sharmelle

Nov 30th

 I am having a breathtaking day today drinking some flavored cinnamon  sugar cookie coffee  to make my day even more special.


Today the  snow is falling on the ground and I  just had to go outside and check just what type of snow this will be, angel snow or snowman snow. Suddenly Giggles and a smile came to  my face  for the snow has a crunching sound  to it as one walks in the snow .I Know what that means, snowman snow so I just had to make a snowman to put in the freezer.

I am  is having fun playing in the snow and seeing it come down from the sky. Now if I could just catch a snowflake with my tongue.


May you have a very nice day counting all your many blessings.  Smiles  Gloria

Nov 17th

I am holding the Meet & Greet Chat at 4pm CST after all today because I had to cancel the appointment I had today. So I look forward to seeing you there and chatting with you! I hope to see you there.

God's Blessings, Sharmelle

Nov 12th

A blessed evening to you and a glorious Sunday day. Hugs and smiles Gloria

Oct 20th




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