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Nana's Big Storybook


Brand new, never released - Ready for Christmas gifting! Nana's BIG Storybook is a perfect book to use for that "read-to-me-tuck-me-in" time. This book is packed full of Christian/Bible based stories. Included is: Mac's BIG Adventure, Arni God's Chosen One, A Mission for Leedle Burro, and a BONUS new story Jasper Finds Gold! PLUS get excerpts from my book of verse "Rhymes With A Reason". Great gift for any child who can read well, ages 8-12. Or a book to read to your child of any age. 131 Pages.

In this big book you will get 3 of my favorite children's stories, all written by me for my children, plus you'll find it filled with my original illustrations. I've included some samples from my book of all original rhymes for children.

About the Author: Sheila Watson Kraklow. After working with children in a Christian school setting, directing a children’s choir, and her many years teaching Sunday-School to various ages of children helping them understand many things about the Lord, it just came naturally to her to write storybook-adventures for children. 

Every book, rhyme, story, and illustration is undertaken with prayer, each word then retrieved from the depths of her heart after being put there by the very hand of God.

These Bible-based children’s books will add greatly to your child’s Christian training and will teach them about trusting in Jesus and living a righteous lifestyle. 

A short excerpt from Nana's Big Storybook - "Arni was alone again, but somehow he felt better now that his Mama had told him to find Father, too. So he walked on.

Soon he came to a dusty road. He crawled out from under the wooden rail fence. He looked up the road. He looked down the road. “Which way should I go?”

“Well, I'd go that way!” Arni jumped at the strange voice. “Who said that?” He asked.

“It’s me… down here -- Look over to your left -- Now down here…down here, look closer. Ha, back off you’re squishing me!”

Then Arni saw who had been talking to him. It was the biggest ant he had ever seen! “Well, hello. Was that you talking to me?”

“Yes… yes it was,” said the ant. The ant looked funny to Arni. First, he was all alone. Ants usually come in large groups. Arni remembered once when he was tiny he had sat down on an anthill and boy, oh boy, was he ever sorry! This ant was all alone, Arni had checked to be sure. “Why are you here alone?” He asked. “Well, it’s like this… oh; by the way, my name is Hiram. The day started out just like any other day. All of us, the soldier ants, that is, started out on patrol. We have our territory to guard.” At this, Hiram looked around and snorted.

Arni laughed at the tough little ant. Then he noticed that Hiram was hurt. He had a bandage around one back leg. “Oh, you’re hurt!” He said.

“Yeah, and if I get a chance, that goat that stepped on me, will pay!” He was shaking his fist in the direction of a small herd of goats..."

  (c)Sheila Rae Kraklow 2016 


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