Spring Flowers

Hello. ladies :) 

I thought since Spring always brings so many beautiful flowers and whets our juices to plant more in our gardens, It might be fun to share our photos, but I can't figure out how to add a photo here. I clicked the picture, but there's no option to upload from my computer. What do I do?

This is my favorite time of year. I LOVE that God created seasons to keep things changing changing changing so we'll never get bored :) But Spring is by far the best for me. Reasons?

#1 All the new green! Covering the dead grays and browns winter brought, it brings a feast to my eyes. Green's my favorite color since a little girl, too. My birthday is in May with emerald for my birthstone :)  
#2 All the new life! I live in Red River County in far NE Texas, It's a farming/ranching community, so all the fields are turning green with new crops and best of all, there's babies everywhere! Calves, foals, chicks, kittens and puppies. I love them all!
#3 The flowers everywhere! On the sides of the roads--oh the bluebonnets! Around the pond in my back yard, the buttercups reflect in the still water. In the trees, the honeysuckle is blooming, and there's prairie verbena growing all over the McAdoo ranch. I've gone out and dug some to transplant in my yard! :) If I could only post photos! I could show you! 
#3 The weather in my corner of the world is almost perfect. Days aren't too warm and nights are still cool.

Do you have other resons you love Spring?




  • Hello Caryl!  To upload a picture from your computer first click on the comment box then clidk the button to the left of the YouTube button.  If you put your mouse on it it will say Image.  Then go to URL and click Upload then search for the picture you want on your computer.  Then lastly click on Okay and it should post for you. 

  • It sure sounds like you live in a beautiful, wonderful place!

  • Laaaa! Thank you Jackie! I guess it asking for teh URL threw me. I thought I needed to get it off the internet because THAT's where URLs are :) I appreciate your help! :)

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